Orange wifi

Orange wifi #125#

Wi-Fi per second, with no commitment, for Orange customers !

Discover Wi-Fi with no commitment :

Whatever your voice package may be, you automatically have access to Orange Wi-Fi per second !
The real time spent on a Wi-Fi connection will be added to your bill on top of your monthly payment.

Payment per second, as of the 1st second of Wi-Fi connection:
Price for "Orange Business" customers Price for "Orange Pro, Intense, Classique ou forfait ajustable" customers

Easy-to-use :

1. Using your Orange mobile phone, call #125# ((toll-free), and a 4-figure password will immediately appear on your screen.
2. On your PC, in the "log-on " area of the Wi-Fi homepage, enter your Orange phone number as ID.
3. In the " password " area, enter the password that you just received.
4. Validate the general conditions of use by clicking on ok. You are connected !

Secure :

A 4-figure password is allocated to you every time you log on; note it down or use it straight away as it is not saved on your mobile phone.

To ensure the optimum security, you should log on within 15 minutes after receiving the password on your mobile phone. Otherwise you will have to call #125# again (toll-free) to get a new password.

Practical :

When you are in a Orange wifi access hotspot, switch on your Wi-Fi laptop, open up your Internet browser and the Wi-Fi service homepage appears.

Dial #125# toll-free from your Orange mobile phone, make the call and within 10 seconds you will see a 4-figure password on the screen of your Orange mobile phone. (use the password within 15 minutes after receiving it).

Rapid :

On the service's homepage, enter your 10-figure Orange phone number, then the password you have just received, you are connected !